About the Book

For a Jew there is no need to travel to India to seek spiritual meaning.  Joyous prayer, mitzvot, and Torah study hold  the answers to our questions and provide the real framework for a vibrant life of spiritual depth and satisfaction. Redemptions is an anthology of ideas found in the weekly Torah reading. It is a treasury of Chassidic gems, presenting these beautiful concepts in easy-to-read, contemporary language. Rabbi Zvi Leshem’s informative and comprehensive work touches on so many themes that have reverberated through time and continue to resonate through our generation, including: 

  • Creation and the nature of love
  • Ridding the world of anger
  • Protection from domestic violence
  • Feminine leadership
  • The power of joy

 Redemptions provides a clear understanding of the deep wisdom within the Torah from the Chassidic perspective, refining and explaining concepts that touch all of our lives, every day. Whether you are a Rabbi preparing a drasha for your congregation, a student looking for an idea from the weekly Torah portion, or you simply want to gain an understanding of the esoteric explanations of Chassidut on the Torah, this book is for you.